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Custom Built Web Applications

Custom Built Website Applications

LCIT Dynamics specialises in the creation of industry standard professional web application development. We have over 20 years combined experience using the latest web technologies and proven web standards to produce quality custom written web applications. We have helped many of our customers save time, effort and ongoing costs with custom built website applications. Some of the types of software we have created in the past include:-

  • CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management).
  • Reservation and Online Booking Software.
  • Directory Management Software.
  • Custom Content Management Systems / Galleries.
  • Email Marketing Campaign Tools.
  • Customised Magento and WordPress Plugins / Extensions.
  • Customised Mobile Applications for Android and Apple Devices.
  • And much more.

Web Development Logos

Our experience and deep understanding of web technologies allows our web development team to drive your information technology idea from conceptual design to production.

When Is Custom Software Suitable For Me?

  • …when you can’t find off the shelf packages that do what you want.
  • …when you have a specific set of requirements from your website that no one else has.
  • …when you have multiple types of software that need to work together.
  • …when you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again.
  • …when you need more visibility in your business and how it operates.


How We Approach Building Our Applications

  • Custom Built Web ApplicationsContact. Contact LCIT Dynamics here or call us on 1300 729 098 to register your interest with us. We will make an appointment at a suitable time to meet with you.
  • Meeting. Meet with the key decision makers in your organisation about your request. During this meeting we will get an eagle’s eye view of your requirements.
  • Approval. We will develop an in depth project specification detailing what we will do, project time, and cost estimates.
  • Develop. The development team will complete the project’s requirements according to the specification document.
  • Testing. You will be provided with a testing platform to review the work and provide feedback.
  • Review. Any changes or feedback provided will be implemented.
  • Maintenance. Periodic checking or ‘tests’ will be conducted on the project to ensure that the application is performing as expected all the time.
  • Future. Future changes and amendments can be made to all of our custom built applications.

Click here to talk to one of the web development experts from LCIT Dynamics about how customised applications can help your business.