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Why Office 365 Email?

Why Office 365 Email?

Office 365 offers your business a wide variety of benefits as opposed to traditional email services. Review our comparison chart below:-

Office 365 Logo

POP Email Logo

Secure connections.

Unsecured connections.

Zero duplicate mail issues.

Potential for duplicate mail issues.

Synchronization across multiple devices.

Synchronization across multiple devices is available but requires much configuration.

Emails are received instantly.

Email are received when the email client performs a SEND/RECEIVE.

25gb of storage per mailbox to ensure minimal issues with mail quotas.

Typically much smaller – on average 100 mb of storage per mailbox.

The benefit of being able to pair with other Microsoft products.

No benefits in pairing with other Microsoft products.

Global contact list means your contacts are synchronized automatically.

Manual synchronization of all contact lists.

Calendar events, details and updates to these events are synchronized automatically.

Manual synchronization of all calendar events.

Share your calendar other other users.

No calendar sharing support.

Sent Items, Drafts, and Deleted Items are synchronized across all devices.

Each email client operated separately.

Auto-discover means setting up new email accounts does not require technical knowledge.

Some technical knowledge required when setting up new email accounts.

Support for all email clients/software.

Not always supported for all email clients/software.

Email message retention upon request – recover deleted emails.

No email message retention.

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