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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingCloud computing is the latest method of organising and offering virtual IT services or resources to be readily available on demand to customers anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. It is not a technology in itself but rather a metaphor for the approach which means “using the internet for computing needs”. A “cloud” provides applications that run on a shared server, to any consumer or business with internet access and a license to use the application. How cloud computing works is often compared to how electricity is provided to consumers. The consumers pay for the electricity they use without having to know where the electricity comes from, how it is stored and how it goes to homes or even how it is generated. What matters to the consumer is that the service is available. The consumer can use it as much as they need and only pay for what is used.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is also referred to as “Software as a Service” (Saas). This method has been in use for several years already by sites such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. It is increasing in popularity as a business tool because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness. It lessens the need for every business to set up their own servers and manage their own IT related services, but still have the necessary applications to maintain their business processes and operations. Cloud computing offers applications and tools that are usually run through an internet browser on standard computers.

“Don’t ever worry about I.T. maintenance again”.

The primary services that cloud computing providers offer fall into one of three main categories: software, platform and infrastructure. In software, it allows the user to use the current online applications on the server of the provider. In platform, it allows the user to make their own applications based on the provided tools and languages of the provider. In infrastructure, users can use the cloud hardware to install and run virtually any application or compatible software program.

Based on these services, there are also different types of cloud computing namely public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. In a public cloud, the resources are provided over the internet for many customers; in a private cloud, the service is dedicated to only one customer; and a hybrid cloud is a combination of both.

More Information About Cloud Solutions For Your Business

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How do I get started?

LCIT Dynamics provides cloud computing services by providing custom-built web applications for its customers. This means LCIT Dynamics provide the tools and resources based on what their customers ask for. This is very convenient for businesses because like all cloud computing providers, LCIT Dynamics will be the one responsible for the security and maintenance of its servers. Clients do not need to worry about maintenance of the servers they need for their businesses. Clients can focus more on their business operations, customer and company service, and product development.

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