Urgent: Upgrade your website to be Mobile Friendly before time runs out!

Mobile Friendly ComparisonAs previous articles and newsletters we have sent out have mentioned, web traffic today is coming from a majority of mobile & hand held devices. More than half of the visitors to your website are now more likely to come from Mobile phones & Tablets than they are to be coming from a Traditional Computer. It has become more and more important to ensure your website is mobile friendly - and a recent announcement from Google has now increased the importance of this fact even further.

The announcement in question, posted by Google, regards the importance of mobile friendly websites and the changes that Google are making with their ranking algorithms. Google will now be expanding their use of "mobile friendliness" as a signal in ranking websites effective from April 21st 2015. So websites which are not mobile friendly by this date will begin to drop in ranking, and websites that are mobile friendly will begin to rise in rank.

The following Mobile-Friendly Test tool has been provided by Google for users to confirm whether or not their current website is mobile friendly; Google Webmaster Tools: Mobile-Friendly Test. Check your website with this tool to see if the upcoming April 21st 2015 changes will affect your rankings.

If your website is not currently mobile friendly, or you want to make changes to ensure that your mobile websites are more SEO friendly all around LCIT can help you with this.

Some of the services that LCIT Dynamics can offer to make your website mobile friendly;

  • Creating a seperate mobile website for you, that contains the important information about your website, and also important functionality (such as booking systems, contact forms, etc.).
  • Converting your current website into a responsive website (this allows information to be easily consumed for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices - and makes your website mobile friendly).
  • Updating your existing mobile layout or content to be more SEO friendly (allowing the Google search robots to see the website better).
  • Increasing your page load speeds for mobile devices (page load speed plays an important factor in mobile friendly websites, even if you have a mobile website set up already - if it is loading too slowly, you may be penalized for the website not being mobile friendly).

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer to ensure that your Google rankings do not drop on the 21st of April 2015 - Contact Us today to discuss making your website more mobile friendly.

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