The importance of HTTPS in relation to Google Rankings

"https" has been slowly integrated into Google's their indexing algorithms, it is important to understand Google's current aim in regards to the world wide web.

Google have made changes to ensure that the security of the internet increases, in a hope to grant peace of mind to users and protect valuable personal information in the process of web surfing. Thus, there have been changes made to Google's indexing algorithms, reflecting this aim.

Google is now using the fact whether a website is correctly set up and offering a valid "https" connection to its visitors into account when ranking websites under search results. At present the effect of using "https" for your pages is not as high as the importance of high-quality content, however they may change the weight of such secure connections in their ranking algorithm in the future. This means that at present if your website is not serving through a secure "https" connection, you are likely not receiving the best rankings for your website.

Google is encouraging all websites to make the transition from the standard "http" to the secure "https" to increase global web security, and keep everyone safe on the web.

What is "https"?
"https" is a form of connection between website visitors and the website being visited. When you access a website through "https" all of the information that is shared between the visitor and the website is encrypted. The main goal of using "https" through SSL certification or TSL protocols is to prevent "man in the middle attacks" and other forms of "wiretapping". If you are not submitting information through a secure connection (https) then all of the information you are sending can be interrupted, hijacked, read and altered by anyone with savvy knowledge of such methods.

Traditionally, the main usage of "https" was for websites that take credit card payments, or other money transactions through the internet, this is required to protect the visitors and the websites from fraud and theft in ensuring that the data and requests sent and received are encrypted and only available to the visitor & the website. Today however, more and more websites are enhancing their user's security and protecting their own website authenticity by employing wide use of "https" with SSL certificates in all instances.

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